Training philosophie

We focus on enjoying the trainings sessions together and having fun while still working hard to keep fit. Our training is suited for beginners as well as for advanced or former competitive swimmers.


Therefore a group of active members are available as trainers. They give their best to make swimming as interesting as possible, so the training is more than just swimming up and down the lane for hours and hours! Technical exercises, interval training, Ildefonso, Kombi, Sculling, kick, flips and turns and fun relay races are just some examples of our diverse training methods. Two trainers are always available for the 2 levels on Monday and Thursday and 1 Trainer for both levels on Friday. The trainers do their best to give as much individual attention as possible, so everyone within the group can benefit.


We always try to take part in events and competitions regularly, where everybody, no matter which level, is invited to join in.


Once per year our internal Championship, the so called Isarhechte Derby, is organized in a very relaxed atmosphere, where the winner awaits the most coveted prizes in the pike universe.